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Driver of the Year

“Driver of the Year“ is a contest for professional drivers and has been held every year since 2002. Its final tests traditionally take place in the beginning of September. The contest is organised, by Autoettevõtete Liit in collaboration with partners, in order to improve the professional skills (and thus overall traffic safety) of bus and truck drivers and to motivate drivers to reach a higher driving standard. One of the most important objectives of this contest is to acknowledge the profession of truck and bus drivers.

There are six important tests to be passed at the contest:

·         general driving test (ecological driving and safety)

·         a fire safety test,

·         a first aid test,

·         a tire test,

·         a wheel-changing test and

·         figure driving with a truck.

The referees of the tests evaluate the competitors by giving out points (from 1 to 10). The

overall ranking is formed by the sum of the points gathered at the tests. The one to have the

biggest score of points is declared as the winner of the title contest.

The title winner receives a diploma and the challenge trophy. The trophy is given to the

enterprise to be displayed for the whole year. All participants get prizes and testimonials. The

best contestants are rewarded with diplomas and prizes from the co-operation partners.

The partners to support the contest are: Scania Eesti AS, Statoil Eesti AS,

MTÜ Rahvakoolitus “Elu”, Tamrex Ohutuse OÜ, and the magazine Transport ja Teed.

The Driver of the Year 2006 and 2007 is Rein Irs from AS Sebe.
Rein Irs

The winners of the contest 2002-2005:

Marek Pootsik
OÜ Maksibussid
Driver of the Year 2005
Rein Irs
Driver of the Year 2004

Meelis Matsu
AS Hansabuss
Driver of the Year 2003
Kalle Soodla
AS Hansabuss  
Driver of the Year 2002