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European Road Safety Charter (ERSC) is an initiative of the European Commission. The official target of this campaign is to halve the number of road fatalities suffered across Europe by the year 2010. To reach this goal ERSC needs cooperation from as many companies as possible. Autoettevõtete Liit has approved this initiative and is an official Signatory of the Charter. Now, together with the European Commission, we now invite you too to become signatories of this Charter.

Signing the European Road Safety Charter will mean that:

  • You will receive a plaque, a certificate and the rights to use the European Road Safety Charter logo. 
  • Your actions in favour of road safety will be officially acknowledged by the European Commission and you will enjoy greater visibility at a European level. You will be added to the European Road Safety Charter website showing you to be a signatory and offering information about your company and your road safety actions. A link will also be created to your own website offering further visibility and good publicity.
  • You are invited to participate in a unique forum of exchanging ideas and experiences from across Europe through a dynamic website, newsletters and events on traffic, research and mobility.

The formulation of the commitment and the signing process is easy and completely costless: You can commit to the Charter with any actions regarding road safety that you have planned / wish to plan during the next 3 years. You only have to fill out an application form and then you will be contacted by the European Road Safety Charter Team who will help you if you have any questions or require any help.

At the Charter web page you can find more information on the Charter and see commitments made by other companies, associations and cities.